Competence build-up on integrative simulation

We support you in establishing integrative simulation in your company.
In order to implement the integrative simulation in your company, know-how from various areas must be available and bundled. From process simulation and material modeling to FEM analysis, it is essential to master software tools and understand the overarching interrelationships. We can support you in the implementation of sub-processes or the entire process.
  • Basic trainings
  • Hands-on trainings
  • Accompanying consulting
Contact person: Sebastian Mönnich

Ensuring the success of integrative simulations from the very first project.

Your projects – Your know-how

Learn the interaction of different software tools step by step.
Instead of procuring software and then learning the necessary skills, we recommend that you develop your know-how through joint project work. This approach has several advantages:
  • Your projects are used to build up know-how
  • You can use integrative simulation immediately
  • Experience allows you to make informed software purchase decisions
Contact person: Sebastian Mönnich

For a successful implementation of the integrative simulation in your company, a know-how built up through project work can be a valuable help.

Time is a factor

Project shares are increasingly shifting to you.
As part of our cooperation, we support you in the development of know-how and the processing of your projects. Based on your projects, you will learn the specific approach through project coaching in the aftermath of implementation. The more experience you have built up, the more project work will be carried out in-house. Until you have finally mastered the entire process.
  • Joint project processing
  • Project coaching
  • 1:1 supervision
Contact person: Sebastian Mönnich

From a certain level of knowledge, a competent partner is indispensable for your own further development.