Tool calculation and design

Secure investments, uncover sources of error, eliminate uncertainties.

In the design and construction of forming tools, care must be taken to ensure that the tool has sufficient strength and rigidity to meet the quality requirements of the end product. We simulate the tool behaviour in later use. A special feature is our ability to transfer the melt pressure from previous injection molding simulations into the FEM analysis. We have developed our own tool for this purpose.

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Clamp force
  • Quasistatic and transient
Contact person: André Hau

We simulate the tool behaviour in later use.

Stiffness and strength analyses

Injection molds are assemblies that are exposed to a wide variety of stresses.
Evaluation of deformations occurring due to insufficient rigidity of the mold transverse to the clamp force direction and the resulting stresses. Additional consideration of stresses caused by the injection pressure or the molding compound in the cavity, the gating and the clamp force. Special attention is paid to the following details:
  • Deformation of tool cores due to insufficient stiffness of high freely placed cores
  • Used cooling elements (e.g. copper cooling fingers)
  • Unbalanced pressure loads during injection
Contact person: André Hau

Clamp force design to prevent deformation or breathing of the mould.

Thermal and thermomechanical analyses

Consider heat transfer, injection pressure and clamp force as time-dependent.
Stress caused by different thermal expansions of different materials within a tool (e.g. copper in cooling fingers or inserts) can lead to local overloading. We are able to calculate the temperature distribution and corresponding thermal expansion time-dependently.
  • Conformal cooling or variothermal temperature control systems
  • Cooling support
  • Interaction of all stresses
Contact person: André Hau

Time-dependent consideration of thermal expansion, locking force and injection pressure by transferring the results from Moldflow.