Part Design S1

In the phase of part design the points are set in the project. Design, function and costs are in the foreground.
The part is simulated without any influence of the tool. This means that the entire focus is on the most important points and at the same time a reference is created. This reference could be achieved with an “optimal” tool.
  • Part design
  • Material
  • Injection position
  • Process guidance
  • Structural-mechanical consideration under consideration of process-induced properties
Contact person: Sven Theissen

Identify influencing factors on component quality through “uninfluenced” reference.

Tool Design S2

Virtual verification and optimization of tool influences before “going into the steel”.
The article geometry is fixed, the tool is to be built. The task now is to examine the tool-specific influencing factors on the component and to design them in the best possible way.
  • Tool influences
  • Runner system
  • Tempering system (cooling)
  • Process guidance
  • Tool materials
  • Detailed structural-mechanical analysis of the component taking into account all influencing factors
Contact person: Sven Theissen

Identification of influencing factors of the tool on the idealized consideration of the part from S1.

Optimization S3

Optimization of the process or elimination of residual defects after SOP.
Production has already started in simulation level 3. With DoE, various parameters can be optimized to make the process even more efficient.
  • Process optimization after sampling
  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Error analysis (virtual verification of possible measures to eliminate residual defects)
Contact person: Sven Theissen

Even after the SOP, the injection molding process can still be optimised.