Tool design

Clarify tool-related questions and evaluate the influence on the idealized consideration of the part.
The execution of the tool design significantly influences the previously assumed idealizations. The question arises as to how the rheology and thermodynamics of the tool influence the component. The following points are analyzed under this aspect:
  • Balancing of the runner system
  • Sealing point of the gate
  • Shear in the runner system
  • Pressure loss in the runner system
  • Optimal gating position
  • Cascade control
  • Optimal cooling (cycle time, quality)
  • Shrinkage behavior
  • Warpage (geometry- or tool-related)
  • Ratio of molding volume to gate volume
The results of the analyses from the tool design phase show the influence of the tool on the idealized component consideration. At the same time, tool quality is ensured and documented. In this way, loops for tool changes (ripening) can be reduced and the cycle time can be optimized in advance.
A detailed structural-mechanical analysis of the component offers additional safety against investment in the tool.
Contact person: Sven Theissen

The separation of article and tool in the analysis provides reliable information about the causes of possible errors.