Runner Concept

With the help of Moldflow simulation different runner concepts can be investigated.
The analysis and optimization of the runner concept is primarily aimed at ensuring a rheologically balanced filling and a suitable holding pressure supply in the component. A further criterion is to keep the material load during the process as low as possible. In particular, it is important to avoid high shear loads and thermal segregation in the connection system. For this purpose, the analysis concentrates mainly on the following areas:
  • Checking the hot and cold runner system
  • Hot runner height structure and distributor bars
  • Dimensioning of runner cross-sections
  • Finetuning of switching sequences and nozzle groups
Contact person: Thomas Schwonburg

The choice of the optimal runner concept ensures component quality and economy.

Cooling System

The optimization of the cooling system is an integral part of every mold design.
The analysis of the temperature control system includes the evaluation of the efficiency and performance of cooling bores in order to ensure uniformity of the contact temperatures between the component and the mould. Furthermore, the temperature control system is analyzed with regard to the influence on cycle time and distortion. These investigations can be carried out for single moulds as well as for multiple cavities, family moulds or stack molds.
    • Thermal imaging (virtual)
    • Core heating (Hot Spots)
    • Warpage inversion
    • Optimization calculation runs (process control, design, gating concept, special inserts)
Contact person: Thomas Schwonburg

An optimally designed cooling system improves the optical properties of the components and reduces distortion.