Hybrid DoE – rEvolution of DoE

Hybrid DoE is a collaboration work of Autodesk Moldflow, ProOptima and PEG. It’s a combination of simulation with Autodesk Moldflow and practical molding trials to significantly speed up the information about components, influencing variables and process robustness.
  • saves up to 80% of real trial effort
  • minimization of real tests on the machine
  • shortest response times through PEG solving cluster or Autodesk cloud
Contact person: Sebastian Mönnich

DoE in practice takes weeks to months… PEG hybrid DoE works in days to weeks

Fast identification  of influencing variables

Identification of process parameters with the greatest influence on individual quality criteria and their influence on the overall results.
  • reduced simulation plan through Taguchi approach
  • response time <20h
  • no real test required
Contact person: Sebastian Mönnich

Focus on the important process settings

Effects of variables

Analyze the influence of the important process settings in more detail.
  • Optimum process settings for each individual quality criterion
  • Idendification of robust process control and interactions through visualization of surface response plots
  • Dynamic evaluation of quality criteria on the Moldflow result plot
Contact person: Sebastian Mönnich

Identify optimal process settings