Part Design

Discuss basic questions about your new product and create a “tool-free” reference.

In the part design phase (S1), the most important questions about your product are clarified together with you. We analyse whether the molded part has been designed to be suitable for plastics and systematically examine the following points:

  • General fillability / process reliability
  • Weld lines / air traps
  • Venting positions
  • Avoidance of melt hesitation and leading effects
  • Optimization of the injection position
  • Balanced filling behavior
  • Flow path / wall thickness ratio
  • Mass accumulations

In this phase, the cooling time, shrinkage and warpage are estimated. A statement is made about the general process safety, the deformation stability and the use of materials. It is clearly worked out whether the current part design meets the requirements.

A structural-mechanical analysis of the component can already provide information about process-induced properties and their influence on the fulfillability of requirements for the component.

Contact person: Sven Theissen

Within the scope of part design, we discuss the most important points concerning your product with you.