Since 1989 we have been simulating injection molded parts with Autodesk Moldflow. Today we are one of the largest simulation service providers in Europe for the assessment and optimization of injection molded parts and molds with over 200 man-years of experience and 20,000 projects.

Simulation Time Steps

Fixing causes instead of concealing errors.

Moldflow Analyses

Guide development processes step by step.

Integrative Simulation

Consideration of process-induced properties (FEM).

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Talk to us about your project.

Our Services

Moldflow Analyses

Injection moulding simulations and special processes

FEM Analyses

Mechanical strength and long-term analyses

Integrative Simulation

Consideration of fiber layers for more accurate mechanical results

DoE Analyses

Optimizing processes with Design of Experiments

R&Driven Production

Virtual & real development and production combined

Modeling Materials

From granules to individual material cards from a single source

Trainings Workshops

With individual trainings to better results

Mold Proving

Accompanying and optimising mold provings with experts

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The Plastics Engineering Group is represented at the PIAE and KUTENO

At the PIAE trade fair organized by the VDI and at KUTENO, we present our latest engineering services, training, and innovations. We look forward to your visit!

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